Emma was recommended to me by a good friend. Although I was fairly confident that I had done a good job on my book… I thought it would be wise to employ some professional help. Emma was very quick to respond and at my request returned my draft text showing various alterations and recommendations. It was an education to me to realise how easy it is for simple mistakes to get through without a keen eye. I am so glad that I used Emma’s services and would do so again without hesitation.

Vivian Watson

Independent author

The last sentence of the final chapter draws to a close. You’ve checked it yourself, been through several re-writes, and now want to get your story/ideas out there. Are you looking for a thorough, professional proofreader or copyeditor that respects your voice as an author and honours your writing style? I can ensure that your narrative and dialogue don’t get lost in clunky clauses and are free from punctuation faux pas. I don’t bind you to a particular set of rules; I help your story shine! 

Emma worked on a difficult text of mine and handled it with care and sensitivity. She showed a remarkable eye for detail when it came to grammar and spelling, and a superb intuition for punctuation – one of my own particular shortcomings. She also alerted me to instances in the text that were liable to cause offence or might infringe on copyright, potentially saving me from a world of trouble down the line. Lastly, and most importantly, she made me laugh – never underestimate the value of an editor who can make you laugh.

Paul Caravis

Independent author

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