What is copywriting and why do you need it?

Copywriting raises awareness, captures attention, and increase sales. Good copywriting aims to convert words into cash. Whether it’s for a business product or charity appeal, copywriting helps change perceptions and compel people to act.

 If you need written promotional material to generate awareness, sales, or donations, you need a copywriter.


Because projects vary each time, the best thing to do is get in touch with me to discuss your specific project and needs. Ideally, you will have a brief which gives me a clear idea of your expectations, and you will provide a sample of the text so that I can assess what level of intervention is needed and how long it will take to complete the job. Sometimes I charge a flat fee and sometimes an hourly rate, depending on the nature and scope of the work.

 We can agree to revisit the fee if the work turns out to be different from the agreed scope. 

What you get

  • A thorough, professional service

  • Regular client/freelancer updates

  • Evidence-based, informed copy

  • Factually accurate, well-written copy

  • Added value to your organisation

  • Upon completion, you maintain the copyright

To see a sample of my work for Azizi Life, a fair trade social enterprise in Rwanda, click here

Why I don’t charge per word

  • I offer clients far more than just words on a page; I bring added value to your organisation through powerful messaging and compelling copy.

  • Some rates offered in the marketplace, if converted into hourly rates in a realistic way, would be below the UK minimum wage.

  • I take into account other factors than simply writing itself. There are many things that affect the time and effort required to complete a copywriting project, including research, client discussion and reflection, and the scope of the planning and strategy involved prior to writing.

  • I believe in quality over quantity. Would you prefer 500 effective words or 5,000 words of drivel? Why use more words than you need?