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Emma has proofread work for HATW which has been completed quickly and efficiently with clear and useful feedback on documents. We are delighted to work with Emma as we have found having a third party proofread documents is incredibly important, and highlights things that we have not picked up on in the office. We will continue to use her services. Many thanks.

Jane Powell,

Hands Around The World.

How do you appeal to your target audience? You want your target audience to be emotionally invested and connected to your work and the people you are serving. You want to see an increase in donations, budgets, and engaged supporters. 

The paradigm is changing; it is no longer acceptable, and rightly so, to appeal to the narrow and reductive narrative of ‘rich vs poor’. People living in poverty are not merely the sum of their problems. New voices are emerging. New stories are demanding to be heard. How do you make space for these voices and stories in a way that honours the dignity and value of individuals and makes them accessible to readers from different circumstances? Do you want your organisation to be trusted for emotive and ethically responsible writing?

With a background in the non-profit and voluntary sectors, both in the UK and in the majority world, I can help your organisation build a reputation for convincing stories and credible, accurate and authoritative copy. Perhaps you need a proofreader to maintain your house style? Whether copywriting, copyediting or proofreading, I offer a professional service.

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